Our Philosophy

The philosophy of Gregory University is built on the aspirations of its Proprietor to be an institution of service to man and to society. This philosophy dictates that the university develops its programmes and executes all its activities on the basis of excellence and the quest for more knowledge.

 Taking cognizance of the unacceptable high rate of unemployment of university graduates in Nigeria, Gregory University intends to train all its graduates to have the capacity for self-employment thereby making them self-reliant and self-sustaining, in addition to turning them into an effective army of human capital for the nation.  In this quest, the university shall inculcate entrepreneurial skills and cultural development in all its programmes.

The philosophy of Gregory University is also built on the core values of outstanding academic work and provision of first-rate facilities.  One of the banes of university education in Nigeria today is the decayed and aged physical facilities such that universities lack modern equipment and adequate infrastructure.  The philosophy of the university is to provide the best equipment and most modern physical facilities in a serene environment to make working and studying at Gregory University a most exciting and most memorable experience for staff and students.