Our Mission/Vision

Our Mission

The mission of Gregory University is ‘to produce God-fearing, ethically sound, highly skilled global leaders who shall be catalysts for the technological and socio-economic advancement of themselves and their environment’.

The university intends to be the engine house for the production of the required expert manpower needed to drive the Nigerian economy by tapping the vast potentials of the country.  The University shall instil in all its graduates the necessary skills and competences as well as the zeal and inspiration they shall need to be champions and to be successful in their chosen fields.


Our Vision

The vision of Gregory University is ‘to be a world renowned university noted for the high quality of its academic and research programmes as well as its professional, practical and entrepreneurial capacity development’.

The university intends to produce graduates with sufficient theoretical and practical skills that shall enable them face the challenges of employment with attributes of innovation, creativity and self-reliance.  The Proprietor of the university foresees a practical-oriented problem-solving institution of high standard, the main focus of which shall be science and technology for service to and partnership with Government, industries, urban development and meeting social needs.


Knowledge for Tomorrow